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Corrective Pilates

Pilates Improve Strength and Stamina

Do you want a happy Life? Pain free?

Pilates - a Core Body Conditioning Program

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. It is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body as well as a sound mind, fully capable to perform our varied daily tasks with zest and pleasure.

Self confidence, poise, consciousness of possessing the power to accomplish our desires, with renewed vigour and interest in life are the natural results of Corrective Pilates.

With our subtle changes in standing, seated or laying down poses we can correct the alignment of the spine for comfort of low back, thoracic and neck areas realigning the spine in neutrality. This program will strengthen your core and will allow for a taller and mindful posture.

What does Pilates Do?

Corrective Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit. In childhood, with rare exceptions, we all enjoy the benefits of natural and normal physical development. However as we mature, we find ourselves living in bodies not always complimentary to our ego. Our bodies are slumped, our shoulders stooped, our eyes hollowed, our muscles flabby, and our vitality extremely lowered, if not vanished. This is but the result of not having uniformly developed all our muscles, our spine, trunk, arms, and legs in the course of pursuing our daily labours and office activities.

Corrective Pilates will give you suppleness, natural grace and strength that will unmistakably reflect in the way you walk, in the way you play or work. You will develop muscular power with corresponding endurance with a greater ability to perform your tasks.

With these exercises it will ensure your heart to pump strong and steadily. As are result, the blood stream caries and discharges from your system more of the accumulated debris created by fatigue and lethargy.. Corrective Pilates drive pure , fresh blood to every muscle fibres, ligaments and tendons whipping them into instant action when required. The results reach further into the organs of the body, including the important sweat glands rejuvenated by fresh bloodstream. Breath emphasis is most vital in performing the Corrective Pilates exercises supplying vitally necessary life giving oxygen in the most efficient manner. Complete inhalation and exhalation of air stimulates all muscles in greater activity than you thought yourself capable of.

Practice Pilates

As you practice these exercises concentrate on the correct movements, executed and mastered to the point of subconscious reactions providing tremendous reserve of energy for sport, recreation and emergencies. It will build a sturdy body and sound mind capable of performing every daily task with ease and perfection.

The spine is the foundation of our health, with proper alignment compression of low back, over extension of neck and shoulders can be alleviated and you can break free from back pain and regain more fluid movement . Aside from postural re alignment your internal nervous system distributing vitality to internal organs will help you maintain top form.

Repetitive traumas are addressed by following specific exercises to engage the core muscles versus back muscles.

The CORRECTIVE PILATES exercises are designed from a beginners to intermediate level. It is highly recommended that you start at a beginners level to fully grasp our method and enabling you to progress at your own pace.

Breath is highly emphasised to supply fresh oxygen to all of your working muscles and expelling carbon dioxide more proficiently to alleviate soreness the next day.

The arches of our feet influence our posture dramatically and there is a complete exercise program to strengthen them and maintain our ankles, Achilles' tendons and arches at their optimal.

Pilates Studio Classes
Monday: 10:15am
Seniors Pilates
Tuesday: 9am
Thursday: 4.30pm
Friday: 8.30am
Intermediate/Advanced:- Stretch Band, Barre and Floorclass
Private Sessions by Appointment: $70 - 45mins



What Our Clients Say

Client Testimonial quote Friends have said "what do you do to make you look so good and strong?" I say "Pilates twice a week". Client Testimonial quote


Client Testimonial quote I have gained more strength in the hips and more flexibility in my shoulder. Client Testimonial quote




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pilates - a total core body conditioning program