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Corrective Pilates for the Chest, Torso and Arms

Pilates Exercise Routines

Lesson plan: the Chest, Torso and Arms


In perfect standing Pilates pose ensure that the shoulders are gently tucked back to keep upper back straight allowing for a full influx of breath, keeping arms relaxed to side with palms facing side of thighs.

Practice the forward roll with shoulders, then add arms as progress to an intermediate level. This exercise will ensure fluidity of movement though neck, shoulders and spine.

Superman exercise laying prone with an outreach from the centre of body of all limbs lifted off floor on exhalation and slowly returned to floor on exhalation. Limbs lift should be equal from all four limbs with core engagement to support the low back.

For intermediate level add a side reach either side on the in breath, keeping limbs off the floor for another three complete breaths.


•  Arms into wings

•  Fisted hands alongside body in rotations x4, add elbows in rotations x4, add shoulder rolls x4 and reverse the lot.

•  Alternate fisted hands to open palm flicking fingers out in spread with arms moving up and down side of the body x2.

•  Stretch arms from back to forward in complete circle, now shoulder roll forward to take upper body into a roll , pause for full breath half way down into stretch to release completely forward before coming up on breath with lower body kept in stable perfect Pilates posture , as head returns upright shoulders roll back, then add extra breath to bring arms into full circle back to PPS.

•  Open arms stretch to shoulder level, with lower body in PPS , bring palms out , bending wrists : contract on breath out and return on breath in x2 ( ensure shoulders are then dropped o normal level ) repeat with fingers up and bend of wrists, then turn arms so that inside of elbows face up and once again fingers up fold, then press of palms with 2 contractions on exhalation to return upright on the in breath.

•  With stretch band create flower petals by gently opening bend no wider than shoulder width with vertical, horizontal and diagonal stretches taking band out on the out breath and slowly retrieving band with resistance on the in breath.

•  Swimming 1,2,3,4.

•  Arms over head with stretch band completing full shoulder rotations drawing arms back on inhalation and forward on exhalation.

•  Stand feet to one another over the Stretch band and grasp onto it with each hand either side of body. Open arm sideways on exhale and slowly resist return on inhalation x12.

•  Flamenco hands.

•  Opposite wide circles of arms traveling together x4.

•  Squeeze small medicine ball with hand as dough kneading.

•  Squeeze small medicine ball with hand , throw it up, catch and pass onto other hand, repeat x20.


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